BIBADO Coverall Weaning Bibs - Woodland Friends (Upgraded Version)

BIBADO Coverall Weaning Bibs - Woodland Friends (Upgraded Version)
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Introducing the (gorgeous!) new addition to the BiBADO family:

A more toned down, neutral colour pallet has been one of the most common requests we've had over the past year…and we've listened to you! Like all of the other Bibado Coveralls on our website, these come with the newly upgraded fit, straps and Velcro that have gone down so well in recent months.



How does our Coverall Weaning Bib Works?

It really couldn’t be simpler. Drape your weaning bib over the shoulders, arms, and the part of the tray nearest the baby, then run the Velcro straps underneath the tray to meet in the middle.

When it’s time to feed your little one, simply push the bib away from the chair and towards the tray. Place your baby safely in the highchair and ease each of the baby’s arms into the sleeves. Fasten the bib around your child’s neck and ensure the sides of the bib are securely stretched over the sides of the highchair. The ‘well’ the bib creates between baby and highchair tray means much less mess – and much less food wasted!


Benefits of Coverall weaning bib

Our customers tell us they save up to 30 minutes a day on cleaning up spilled food. And that’s just with one baby; if you’re lucky enough to have twins, triplets, or even more, you’ll save even more time. It isn’t just time-saving on cleaning up the mess, either; you’ll keep your baby’s clothes clean, so that’s fewer washing machine runs and less electricity used, and much less time, effort, and wipes used on cleaning the highchair.

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