About Us

"CHARA" comes with a meaning of joy - inner gladness, delight, and rejoicing from a Greek noun.
Nothing else can produce the joy or broken heart that motherhood allows. Across all millennials, every mom has various perspectives but one in at heart - the best for their child.

Being a mother of two, this brand grew and became part of my journey as a mother. Every brand sold by us is carefully chosen and is proven & trusted by many moms across. We focus a lot on the "ingredients", it's functionality - how it can serve you or your child, and the convenience it will bring about in a mom's daily life. To this date, this has grown to become a passion for the same belief.

If you have shopped with us already, we hope that you had a pleasant one. If otherwise, please write to us - [email protected].
We will love to hear from you and improve to serve you better than yesterday.

With Love,